New England Elec. Ry. Historical Society
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Officers and Trustees
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Officers and Trustees

Trustees of the New England Electric Railway Historical Societyline

Chairman of the Board
Vice Chairman of the Board
James D. Schantz
Martha M. Welch
Board of Trustees Roger Somers
Tom LaRoche
Douglas Carrier
Corey Connors-Reynolds
Frederick Maloney
Charlie Sullivan
Richard Rubin
Michael V. Peters
Steven MacIsaac
James D. Schantz
Francis J. Welch
Martha M. Welch
Senior Trustees Ralph Day
James D. Schantz
Jeffrey N. Sisson
Lester Stephenson, Jr.


Corporate and Administrative Officersline

Corporate Secretary
Cecilia B. Clapp
Jeffrey N. Sisson
Executive Director Sally Bates
Executive Vice President
Vice President of Facilities
Vice President of Business Administration
Vice President of Development
Vice President of Organizational Advancement
Vice President of Membership Affairs
General Council & Clerk of Corporation

Thomas O. Santarelli de Brasch
Steven MacIsaac
John R. LaFlamme
Mark Weinberg
Susan Driscoll
Membership Secretary
Newsletter Editor
Mark Weinberg
Norman Down
Superintendent of Overhead
Superintendent of Track
Superintendent of Signals
Director of Railway Operations
Assistant Director of Railway Operations
Superintendent of Railway Operations - Seashore
Superintendent of Railway Operations - Lowell
Jack Coyle
Peter Wilson
Chet Bishop
Roger Somers
Roger Tobin
Eliot Kaplan
Roger Somers
Curator of the National Streetcar Museum at Lowell
Curator of Rapid Transit
Curator of Buses and Trackless Trolleys
Town House Restoration Shop Manager
Parts Department Manager
Manager of Educational Services
Paul Castiglione
William A. Pollman
Thomas O. Santarelli de Brasch
Randy LeClair
Daniel R. Cohen
Kate Sullivan (iterim)
John Mecurio
Manager of Information Technology
Visitor Center Manager
Christopher Randall
Matthew D. Cosgro
Constance Garland
Sherri Alcock